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XL Natural Dried Palm Spears

These beautiful leaves are cut from natural dried palm leaves and are fully on trend.

Our premium organic dried palm leaves may vary slightly in shape and color. Organic palm fronds are air-dried without the use of dyes or chemicals, hand-trimmed with love and care.

Create a bouquet of these for your wedding guests and you'll leave them with something to talk about.

After palms and spears are fully dehydrated, their bright green color fades into softer, desaturated tones of mint, sage, and taupe, lending a lovely aged, earthy patina to flower arrangements.

XL sized. The 25x20cm leaf is approximately 40cm in total length and the 35x30cm and 45x35cm are 60cm in length. Please note: as it is a natural item some light defects and deviances from the dimensions are possible.