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Wholesale Number Plate Letters - 3D 4D Gel & Acrylic Digits 3mm 5mm

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{ Wholesale Number Plate Gel and Acrylic Letters & Digits }

Enhance your license plate assembly and sales with our high-quality 4D Acrylic number plate characters. Designed with precision and engineered for durability.

{ Premium Quality }

Our 4D Acrylic & Gel characters are synonymous with quality. Featuring premium 3M brand permanent adhesive, these characters offer superior adhesion and longevity. Precision laser-cut for accuracy and consistency, they ensure a professional finish every time.

{ Cross-Compatible Stacking }

One standout feature of our 4D Acrylic letters is their cross-compatibility, allowing for a flush finish when stacked. Don't let mismatched components and misalignment ruin the appearance of your plates.

Choose from our range of options:

  • 3mm Gloss 4D Acrylic
  • 5mm Gloss 4D Acrylic
  • 5mm Matte 4D Acrylic
  • 2mm 3D Resin Gel

Uses a slightly modified version of the Charles Wright font, recognized for its legal compliance, plays a crucial role in our number plate characters. By adhering to this font, we ensure that our characters meet DVLA regulations and remain 100% legal. Additionally, our characters are designed in a pure black color, enhancing their visual impact while maintaining full compliance. The combination of the Charles Wright font and the rich black hue not only guarantees legal conformity but also adds a touch of sophistication to any license plate, whether it's for personal or commercial use.

Dimensions: 79 x 50mm

Upgrade your offerings and reduce your costs today with our high-quality 4D Acrylic number plate characters. Deliver reliable, professional-grade products to your customers and meet their diverse preferences. Make a lasting impression with our precision-crafted characters.