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Twinkle Fibre Optic Light Engine 32W Bluetooth Controlled

Our deluxe model super bright 32W fibre star light engine is the one to choose when upgrading your home, vehicle, boat or wherever else your imagination takes it.

The deluxe model features a slowly rotating disc which dims small sections of the LEDs creating a random twinkling effect across the entire ceiling. An absolute spectacle which can also be switched off if required.

Dual control which means it can be controlled via Android or Apple application and there is also a 28 key remote included. Choose from 13 static lighting effects and 6 dynamic effects, including jump, fade, flash and breathing mode. Allows you to mix RGB colours with pure white light to create other colours.

Ultra high brightness thanks to its 32W output. Choose from more than 16 million colours with RGBW LED's. Also includes sound activation so the lights will dance to the rhythm of your tunes when set to music mode allowing you to enjoy an incredible atmosphere.

All in one kit includes power supply, UK wall plug, car plug, remote and the controller engine. Options to bundle with our premium fibre optic strands are also available in a range of pack sizes. Input Voltage: 12V, Power: 32W, Colour: RGBW, Product size: 150x150x87mm,