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Super Secure Extra Thick 5mm & 8mm Number Plate Levelling Sticky Pads

Superior Thickness for Optimal Leveling: Available in both 5mm and 8mm options, our foam pads are designed to provide the perfect leveling solution for number plates on curved bumpers.

High-Quality Adhesive: Coated with premium grade 3M 9448a adhesive, ensuring a strong and lasting bond that can withstand various weather conditions and road vibrations.

Designed for Curved Bumpers: Specifically crafted to cater to vehicles with curved bumpers, ensuring a seamless and flush fit for your number plates.

Reduced Risk of Detachment: The extra thickness of our pads minimizes the need to bend the acrylic, significantly decreasing the chances of detachment and ensuring long-lasting adherence.

Perfectly Sized for Versatility: Measuring at 9x2cm, our sticky pads are optimally sized to provide maximum support and leveling for a wide range of number plate sizes.