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Set of Large Embossing Feather Cookie Cutters

These feather plastic cookie cutters are an excellent addition to your baking arsenal. Very versatile and look lovely on cakes for weddings, christenings, birthday, baby showers and more.

Made from food-safe ABS plastic which is easy to clean, durable and comfortable to use.

Compatible with dishwasher. Hand-wash with lukewarm soapy water and a mini brush to remove remnants. Whether you’re hosting a bird-themed event or adding a playful touch to your bachelorette party snack table, the feather cookie cutter is a sure delight.

Adds embossed details to the cut in one quick motion making a far more attractive finish than a plain silhouette. This realistic cutout shape seems ready to float away on a breeze.

Available as Wing Feather (10.3 x 5.8cm) or Fluffy Feather (12.3 x 6.5cm)