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Roll-Form Premium Meena Lite HD Number Plate Reflective Sheets

Unparalleled Meena Lite Quality: Experience the epitome of reflective sheet excellence with Meena Lite's premium rolls, specifically designed for number plates. Our sheets promise unmatched clarity, ensuring your number plates stand out.

Optimized for Dual Printer Systems: Designed for efficiency, our rolls are perfect for dual printer setups, allowing for a continuous workflow without the need to load individual sheets.

Precision Printing with Smart Recognition: Each 520x111mm piece is meticulously die-cut, enabling printers to seamlessly transition between labels. The result? Flawless prints that peel off smoothly, leaving crisp edges without any jaggedness.

Boosted Efficiency & Superior Bond: Our air channel technology ensures a bubble-free application every time, while our superior bond guarantees a lasting stick to acrylics, outperforming competitors like Nikkalite, Oralite, and 3M.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We're confident in the unmatched quality and performance of our reflective rolls. Elevate your B2B number plate offerings with Meena Lite and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our satisfaction guarantee.