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    The phunnel was the first bowl to blast traditions and step away from the traditional Egyptian design with the holes at the bottom. Originally invented by a true connoisseur who realised it didnt matter if airflow was forced directly through the tobacco, but more the heat held within the bow.

    This bowl has a raised spire, with a large hole on the top. As there is no direct air suction going straight down the bowl, the phunnel will allow the juices in the tobacco to remain intact rather than being vacuumed straight down the stem before getting the chance to be vaporised.

    As a result, a phunnel bowl will give a cleaner flavour and longer lasting session thanks to its juice-preserving design.

    This bowl is capable of holding 20-30 grams or tobacco and will smoke for hours with a full flavour. Diameter: 7.5cm, Height: 10cm


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