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Portable Glass Mini Oduman Hookah

{ Design } A cute little puffer designed to be portable but gives enourmous clouds making it all you will want to use in the home too. Has a built in removable diffuser on the bottom to make it super silent.

{ Premium Quality } Made of extra thick borosilicate glass in an ergonomic easy-to-hold tapered shape. Features stainless steel screw threads eliminating the need for grommets all around (except for the bowl) and giving a perfect air-tight seal for maximum flavour.

{ Easy to Use } Engineered to fit together perfectly. There really is no way to get anything wrong with this hookah. Includes a carry bag to allow it to be taken anywhere safely.

{ Value } Comes with all required accessories including a carry bag, silicone hose, tray and tongs.

Height: 33cm, Diameter: 14cm