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This is the ultimate machine for smoking on the go. Engineered to perfection.

Hose - made of medical grade silicone which is washable and 100% corrosion and rush proof. Features solid aluminium handles and a spring at its foot to eliminate pipe kinking. The hose-hookah connector is click action meaning it will not drop out unexpectedly and makes a perfect seal with zero fuss.

Bowl - The bowl itself has a screw thread on the bottom and is cased within a metal cup, protecting it from impact and from falling even if the lid is off. The gap between the edge of the bowl and wall of the cup acts as a catcher for ash. So to de-ash, you simply give the unit a shake.

Lid - has a grill on the top for easy airflow. Screws on and locks in so even with heavy movement, the lid is staying on and the charcoal inside the unit. All of this is encased in glass innards covered in shiny metal for protection. Especially made to fit snugly in large car cupholders. Also features LED lights at the bottom of the unit which flash red, green and blue!