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Pair of Extreme Heat-Resistant 800c Gloves

Our heat-resistant mittens are made of 3 layers of different materials with different functions. The first layer is non-toxic silicone for slip resistance. The second layer is high-strength fiber for superheat and corrosion resistance. The third layer made of polyester for flexibility and comfort.

These heat-resistant gloves have passed the BS EN 420, EN 407 and EN 368 test and are suitable for providing ultra-heat protection up to 800℃ to offer the most safety to your hand, wrist, and arms.

These grill gloves also feature an anti-cut function. Ideal for cutting, grilling, smoking, cooking, baking, or handling very hot items in the kitchen and outdoors, etc.

Losing a piece of meat down the grill in the fire or on the ground is always a sad moment in that family BBQ. Thanks to the resistance and grip of these gloves, this will be much less of a pain. The palm and fingertips of the barbecue gloves with food-grade silicone for slip resistance, can prevent the pans and barbecue from slipping From your hand. Separate fingers design allows you to be more flexible and easy to move your barbecue food.

These gloves are available for a full machine and hand to wash like any normal garment. Clean and spotless for your next use.