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Number Plate Sticky Pads with Red Film

Screw-Free Installation: Our sticky pads provide a neat and efficient way to affix number plates to vehicles, eliminating the need for screws and ensuring a sleek finish. Each strip measures a large 9 x 2cm for a secure hold.

Black Pads with Red Release Covering: Each pad is black in color, accompanied by a red release film. This design not only adds a touch of style but also makes the application process more user-friendly.

Immediate Strong Adhesion: Engineered for quick bonding, the adhesive creates a reliable hold as soon as it makes contact, keeping your number plate securely in place from the outset.

Progressive Bond Strengthening: The adhesive’s grip intensifies over a 48-hour period, developing into a very strong bond that is designed to last through various weather and road conditions.

Preparation for Optimal Fit: For a secure fit, it's crucial to prepare the surface area properly. Clean the area thoroughly, remove any remnants of previous sticky pads, and rub down with alcohol. This prep work ensures the most effective adhesion and longevity of the bond.