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Large Premium Aluminium Hookah with Iridescent Base

Made of solid aluminium which is extremely strong, lightweight and 100% resistant to rust, tarnishing and corrosion unlike brass and steel hookahs. Features purge holes in the heart of the hookah which look incredibly when blowing out.

Extra wide gauge main stem, downstem and hose allow a monstrous, restriction free pull for immense clouds. Every component comes apart with smooth threads and rubber grommets to always have an air-tight seal.

Giant wide-bottomed base with a beautiful, classy iridescent coating brings the centre of gravity as low as possible making this hookah extremely stable and resistant to tipping in comparison to Khalil Mamoon models. Grommet-free click-lock system securely hold the stem to the base.

Also bundled with premium silicone hose, kink protection spring, glass tray, clay bowl and extra long premium tongs. All in all an incredible hookah with too many enhancements and upgrades to detail.

Height: 80cm


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