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Honeycomb Show Plate Reflectives with Light Tint

Unique Honeycomb Design: These reflective sheets feature a distinctive honeycomb pattern, providing an eye-catching and stylish look. The design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances the reflective quality.

Light Tint for Added Style: Each sheet comes with a subtle tint, offering a sleek and modern appearance. This light tint differentiates your designs, making them stand out in shows and exhibitions.

High-Reflectivity Material: Crafted from highly reflective materials, these sheets ensure maximum visibility and a striking appearance, especially when illuminated.

Non-Road Legal Notice: Important for buyers, these honeycomb reflective sheets are intended for show purposes only and are not legal for road use. They're perfect for car shows, exhibitions, or as part of a collection.

Easy Application: Our honeycomb reflectives are designed for straightforward installation. Simply roll them onto your transparent wet acrylics and you're good to go. By default will be supplied as a 50/50 split of yellow and white.