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Hobo Kit

With this amazing kit, you can be sure a smoke is never far away. With all metal parts made of solid aluminium, this kit will stand the test of time and will not rust or tarnish, while remaining lightweight.

Compatible with bottles of all types including small or large soda bottles, wine and vodka bottles etc.

Contents: Screw-in bowl with screen and windcover combo, Screw in adapter for use of standard style bowls, Down stem (approx. 6 inches), Down stem extension (use with tall bottles), 100% washable super flexible screw-in hose, 2x aluminium screw jars (recommended one for charcoal and one for tobacco), Main body (solid aluminium with purge valve. Fits on any regular or narrow top bottle), Carry bag, Pack of pre-cut and pre-hole punched foil sheets, Tongs, Instructions for use