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Gold Silver Glittered Berry Flower Bunches

These glitter berry decorations add natural perfection to your home decor without the hassle and maintenance of fresh furnishings. Use it to enhance your DIY project, or as a simple, stand-alone, simple home decoration.

The stems of these bright berries are approximately 30cm in length. There are a lot of small glitter-covered berries on each stem.

These dazzling glowing berry branches are suitable for Christmas tree decorations and flower arrangements, holiday centerpieces, vases, New Year, weddings, and home decorations

You can also cut individual berry branches and use them for smaller projects such as decorating gifts, wreaths, wedding corsages, or other crafts.

These long stemmed 30cm pretty berries make them the perfect stem for decorating bridal showers, wedding flower arrangements, Christmas trees, or craft projects.