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Extra Large 10cm Non-Stick Round Egg Ring

This mold is expertly crafted from black stainless steel. This XL egg ring form your egg into a perfect size to drop into your muffin and one you will be proud to top your burgers with. Professional chefs use our stainless steel egg ring molds as they are much sturdier than silicone molds

The handles are made of stainless steel and have a silicone coating for grip, comfort and insulation from heat making them easy to use.

These round-shaped molds have adjustable angle folding handles that prevent hand burns and make them much more compact and easier to store than ones with rigid handles.

Don't stop at eggs. Pancakes, crepes, burgers, and buns are just a few of the foods you can make with these Jumbo egg rings.

Measure a large 10cm in diameter. Perfect for a large egg or you can even fit two eggs in there at once. Available as a single ring or get two for a cut price.