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Deluxe All Glass and Stainless Hookah

{ PREMIUM QUALITY } Made of ultra thick borosilicate (Pyrex) glass and CNC cut Stainless Steel.

{ DESIGN } An ultra-modern shape which is only possible thanks to its all glass body. Gives it an extremely low centre of gravity meaning it is probably the most stable hookah you will ever come across.

{ VERSATILE } Incorporating glass with stainless steel eliminates some of the fragility issues in the ports etc which can prove troublesome with all glass-hookahs but still give that ultra-clean appearance and smoke.

{ OPTIONS } Comes with the hose, bowl, tray, downstem, diffuser, anti-kink coils, handle, tongs, purge valve and an amazing LED light box designed to slot perfectly inside the hookah with RGB remote. This hookah will provide its own mood lighting!