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Crown - Chrome

Based off the idea of the Hookah Flip, this stunning bowl places the tobacco above the charcoal instead of underneath it. Heat can be regulated by spinning the arm to rise and lower the charcoal tray.

To start off, keep the charcoal at the highest position which will heat the tobacco faster and then gradually lower it as it starts smoking. Once the charcoal begins to lose heat and smoke becomes less dense, simply spin in the opposite motion to raise again, this concentrating the heat more efficiently.

This is the way forward as more heat and less gases from the charcoal will go into the tobacco. Having no direct air pulled through the charcoal, it will last for longer and therefore a more relaxed smoke with minimal fuss and maintenance.

This bowl is constructed entirely of stainless steel so you can be assured your investment will last a lifetime. Bowl stands 17cm high and has a diameter of 8cm.