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Bulk Number Plate Sticky Pads

High-Density Closed Cell EVA Foam: Made from premium high-density closed cell EVA foam, these sticky pads offer excellent durability and a strong adhesive bond, ideal for securely attaching number plates.

Precisely Sized for Universal Fit: Each pad is cut to a standard size of 9 x 2 cm, perfectly suited for a wide range of number plate sizes, ensuring a consistent and reliable fit.

Efficient, Screw-Free Application: Offering a clean and modern solution for plate mounting, these sticky pads eliminate the need for screws, thereby streamlining the installation process and enhancing the plate's appearance.

Fully-Cut for Easy Dispensing: The pads are fully cut through the backing paper, allowing for quick and easy dispensing. This design minimizes waste and saves time, especially beneficial for high-volume plate producers.

Long-Lasting Adhesive Strength: Designed to create a strong initial bond that intensifies over 48 hours, these pads ensure a durable and reliable attachment, suitable for the rigorous demands of plate manufacturing and use. Please note: These come on jumbo rolls of 2200 strips. Any lesser quantities will not be on a roll with a core but cut and folded.