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Blue Tinted Show Number Plate Reflectives

Striking Tinted Appearance: Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic with our tinted number plate reflectives. These plates add a unique and personalized touch to any vehicle. Ideal for a variety of applications beyond just cars, these plates can be used on trailers, custom bikes, or as decorative elements in automotive displays and events, offering a stylish edge wherever they're displayed.

High-Quality Reflective Material: Crafted from premium reflective materials, these number plates ensure visibility and durability. The high-grade construction ensures they remain vibrant and clear, even in low light conditions.

Non-Road Legal Designation: While these plates are designed for vehicles, it's important to note that they are not legally compliant for road use. They're perfect for off-road vehicles, car shows, or as a distinctive addition to private collections.

Easy Installation: Our tinted number plates are designed for straightforward installation. Simply roll them onto your transparent wet acrylics and you're good to go.

Come with a slight blueish hue. Available in different sizes and quantities. By default we will split your order in as 50/50 with colour however if you wish for a different split, please advise at checkout.