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Adhesion Promoter Primer Wipes Sachets

This is a versatile primer used for enhancing the adhesion of Acrylic Foam Tapes to LSE substrates common for interior and exterior automotive trim and parts. Identical in performance to 3M 94.

This fast-drying adhesion promoter works with most LSE plastics including TPO, PP and TPU as well as ABS, EPDM and others.

Supplied as convenient disposable wet wipes saturated in 2ml of liquid. Always super fresh, lint-free and will clean the surface while tackifying it at the same time. Free from risk of bottle spillage and breakage.

It contains a fluorescent dye that makes it easily visible once applied, and helps technicians to quickly verify that coverage is complete and consistent for a reliable bond.

The liquid primer dries in 30 to 90 seconds for fast and efficient application. Once the product is dry, it is ready to accept attachment tape. The adhesion promoter can also be cleaned from most surfaces using acetone solvent.