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3 4 Inch Disposable Layered Cake Box

This plastic cake container is the perfect item for any cafe, bakery, or grocery store. 4 inches in width and an internal diameter of 8cm, it will keep content fresh and flavorful until ready to eat.

The highly transparent material puts the decorations of the cake in full view and also enhances its appearance making it all the more desirable to onlookers.

Perfect for a party or celebration, this plain clear dome lid provides elegance and charm and allows for optimal product visibility without making a mess. Highlight your cakes and cookies with this showstopper cake box for a delicious presentation.

Efficient closure locks the top and bottom together keeping your freshly baked goods at peak freshness. Plus, the easy-to-remove lid and firmly molded base prevent the cake from slipping or falling off, leaving you with a perfectly intact cake.

Supplied in black. Base width: 10.5cm, Height: 10cm, Diameter: 8cm