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10x Wholesale Gel Letters for Number Plates

Premium 3M Permanent Adhesive: Each gel letter is backed with high-quality 3M permanent adhesive, renowned for its strong and lasting bond. This ensures that the letters stay securely affixed to the number plate under various conditions.

Conveniently Cut into Pairs: Understanding the common need for pairs in number plate production, our gel letters are pre-cut into sets of two. This thoughtful design saves time and effort in the manufacturing process, making it more efficient to create pairs of number plates. This listing will get you 10 digits in total in one character of your choice.

Authentic Charles Wright Font: Styled in the road-legal Charles Wright font, these letters are not only compliant with regulations but also offer a classic and professional appearance, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

Seamless Fit with 4D Digits: Designed to complement our range of 4D digits perfectly, these gel letters allow for easy integration and layering, creating a cohesive and attractive final product.

Best Price Guarantee: We are committed to offering the best value in the market. If you find a lower price for a comparable product, we guarantee to match or beat it, ensuring you always get the best deal for your number plate needs.