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10x 5mm Gloss X-Thick Acrylic 3D 4D Number Plate Letters Digits Wholesale

Pack of 10 Premium 5mm Extra Thick Gloss Acrylic Letters: Designed exclusively for 4D number plates, each pack offers ten units of the chosen digit, all showcasing a radiant gloss finish, securely bonded with the trusted strength of permanent 3M adhesive.

Precision Laser-Cut Excellence: Stand out in the wholesale market with our meticulously laser-cut letters, ensuring sharpness, a pristine finish, and a distinct 5D effect that sets your offerings apart.

Superior Durability & Longevity: Crafted from high-quality acrylic, our letters are built to last, guaranteeing your clients receive products that remain vibrant and intact for years.

Unmatched Wholesale Price Promise: We're dedicated to offering the best value. With our promise to beat any quote, you're assured of the best deal for top-tier 5D letters in the wholesale arena.

Perfect for 5D Crafting & Gel Combination: Seamlessly integrate these letters into your crafting, achieving standout 5D designs. For an enhanced look, pair with our gel letters to achieve a harmonious and flush finish.