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10x 3mm Motorbike 64 x 44mm Acrylic 3D 4D Number Plate Letters Digits Wholesale

Pack of 10 Premium 64x44mm Digits 4D Gloss Laser Cut Digits: Tailored for motorbike number plates, each pack offers ten units radiating a deep gloss black finish, ensuring standout plates on the road.

3mm Thickness & Glossy Finish: Our precision-crafted 3mm thick letters deliver a dynamic 3D effect, complemented by a sleek, glossy sheen that captures attention.

Permanent 3M Adhesive Bonding: Rely on the unparalleled strength of our digits, securely adhered using industry-leading permanent 3M adhesive for longevity.

Laser-Cut Precision: Achieve a modern look with our laser-cut letters, ensuring sharp edges and a flawless finish, perfect for the discerning motorbike enthusiast.

Unbeatable Value with Our Price Promise: We guarantee top-tier quality at wholesale prices, with a promise to match or beat any quote, making us the go-to choice for premium motorbike digits.